Certifications should be showing up in your account now.


You should be seeing your Advanced certifications in your student account today (July 27th).   You can view that here: http://www.vinology.com/my-account/ and here: http://www.vinology.com/somm/

You can also click on “Student & Somm Entrance” under the “Diploma Program” menu.

We are digitizing all NWS programs and certifications, so you can view your own grades and certifications moving forward. If you don’t see a specific Advanced certification, let us know right here on this forum.

A few things:

  1. This is for Pro programs only.

  2. We are adding everyone as a “Pass” right now (the reasons are boring database stuff)

  3. You will still have to pass in your projects to earn your diploma.

  4. You may not be able to access your certification for several weeks as this is a SLOW migration to the new system.

  5. You are grandfathered out of the Continuing Education Exam, but you must opt-out of it prior to being issued your certification.


Anyways, let us know if you are missing something from you account. This is a BIG database import, and it’s partially manual, and it’s thousands of  data points, so it is possible that we will miss something.  To be clear: this is only the electronic files. All our files on you and your certification are still on paper in our office. Even if it doesn’t show up here,  don’t freak out: we still have our school records.


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