My wife and I both finished the foundation course, she received a certificate but I have not… is there anything else I need complete?

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Hi Kenneth,

A couple of questions for you:

  1. When did you take the class? I searched our order database and did not find your name.

  2. Did you sign up for the Professional certification and also complete the online exam in a timely manner?

If you could get back to me asap, that would help me track down what might be going on.


  • I was in the winter foundations course and did the prof cert. Online it shows that i have completed it however my wife received a certificate in the mail and i have not. I did complete all texts online and in a timely fashion as did my wife, sevasti margetas. My email is kenkingenfelterdo@gmail.com. please let me know what other info you may need

  • Okay, great. I was able to locate your account and course results. You definitely should have received a certificate, so my apologies for any confusion.

    We will be sending out certificates for the current semester in the coming weeks. I’ll make sure your certificate is included in that mailing.

  • Thank you

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