After completing the Core class, will I be able to acquire a sommelier certificate? How frequently do the classes meet?

Thank you!


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  • Keith – Thanks for the information. To confirm – if we register for the Core Class at the Philadelphia Wine School and attend, we will receive the National Wine School certification and pin (Level 3) from you in Philadelphia. We do not need to take additional certification courses or exams from the National Wine School. Is that correct?


  • Sarah–Correct; When you take the core class here in PA you will be granted access to the online material and exam material from NWS. It’s a seamless process for you: you take the classes here and take the final exam online. Once you have completed the exams, you will earn your NWS certificate and pin. Technically, the online exam programs are hosted in California –and the certification comes from Cali, as well–but that is really behind the scenes. You just have to show up to class in Philly and take the final exam on your computer or phone and the rest is taken care of automatically.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Keith!

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