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I am trying to order a gift cert. I have an account but forgot my password, I fill in the info to get an email from you to reset my password but your email never comes. I tried 3 times. I tried to re-register but it won’t let me. It says I am already registered and to login. So I am stymied . What do I do ?

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Good to hear from you! The emails are probably hitting your spam folder. I am pretty sure you will find them there.

You should see a copy of the gift certificate in your spam/bulk mail folder, along with a few more emails from today. The purchase did go through at 1:44 this afternoon.

AOL does this to us, which is a #(#$@! pain in my @!#**@). If you find them, please mark them as “not spam” so AOL gets a clue.

Let me know if that helps, and if you need me to resend the gift certificate. FYI, if you want to print it out, we have a great template here:



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