cant find advanced class


Hi, I cant find my recently completed advanced southern france course on either the active or completed courses tab. When I checked a few weeks ago, was still active awaiting keith to grade the paper. Thanks

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That is timing! I just sent you an email less than a minute ago. Exams are being graded tomorrow. Just finished a major upgrade into our programs to comply with new national standards.

If you dont’ get the email, i’ve supplied it here:


As we come into the first semester of 2017/18 school year, I wanted to give you to be one of the first to hear about the good news. Our Advanced Programs  just got upgraded in a big way. Details are below. If you have any questions at all, I’ve supplied a link at the bottom to hit me up personally.


Keith Wallace
Wine School of Philadelphia

Advanced Sommelier Pin & Certificate

As of the 2017/18 school year, there are 10 new advanced wine course to attend. You can take any four of the these programs classes to qualify for your Advanced Sommelier pin. Plus, each course now comes with it’s own freestanding professional certificate.

Food & Wine Scholar™ Upcoming in October 2017

Luxury Wine Scholar™ Upcoming in January 2018

Spanish Wine Specialist™ Upcoming in April 2018

International Wine Studies™ Upcoming in August 2018

Winemaker Program Upcoming in September 2018

French Wine Specialist™

Italian Wine Specialist™

Old World Sommelier™

New World Sommelier™

American Wine Scholar™

Noble Grape Scholar™

There are also three Advanced Sommelier Elective Certificates you can enroll in. They do not count toward the Advanced Sommelier pin, but they are pro certifications that can be taken in tandem with your Advanced diploma.

Advanced Wine Speaker Certificate™ Upcoming in September 2018
Advanced Wine Critic Certificate™
Advanced Wine Business Certificate™

How does this effect you? Only in positive ways. All prior advanced classes you have taken are grandfathered into the new programming.  Plus, there are no longer any required courses.

Questions? Don’t email (I won’t get it) Ask me here instead:

One note: We are grandfathering all current students into the new certificate programs. Currently active programs may not show up correctly until papers are graded. 

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