can we please double check ticket insurance on my tickets



thank you for processing my 60 dollar credit yesterday for the one of the two tickets that was purchased for the upcoming Imbibe – the whiskey & cocktail class, I was hoping to double check to see if there was in fact no insurance purchased on the other ticket, the gift giver doesnt recall what she ordered, but it DOES seem odd to have only purchased insurance on only ONE of the TWO tickets, does it not?

Anyway, that said, if it does turn out that the insurance was only for the one ticket, do i have any other options to utilize BOTH tickets at the same time? As getting a credit for one ticket doesn’t do me a tremendous amount of good.

i will include the ticket numbers in the field below.

Finally, if it turns out that nothing can be done on this matter, and I have a ticket that needs to be used this thursday, what ticket is still “active” and thus would not affect the credit issued yesterday?

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Hi Jim,

I double-checked the order and it is the case that two seats were purchased, but only one came with ticket insurance.

The credit you received will never expire, and can be used for any class listed on our website. Many classes are priced at $40, so you would be able to apply the credit to two seats for another class and pay only an additional $20.

As for the other seat, if you would like to either gift that to someone else or have one person attend, please let me know. Even though the reschedule request technically zeroed out two seats, I think we could make an exception for one seat to remain available under the circumstances. Please let me know.


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