Can someone please call me about two separate gift cards I am trying to use?


I am having issues applying my gift card code. It is a complicated issue, so if someone could please call me I would REALLY appreciate it. This method of communication is a bit difficult!


Can you help me to change my ticket for the upcoming Italian Wine Class? I’d like to move that ticket to the Wine 201 Class on 7/28.

  • Jocelyn P Jones asked 3 years ago
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I took a look at the issue and here is what I think transpired:

On May 16th, your sister bought you a single ticket to the Bubbles Class on June 17th. She opted to not get ticket insurance.

Later on that day, she asked us to reschedule the ticket: Rescheduling is offered only if the purchaser opts for ticket insurance. However, we issued her a reschedule code nonetheless.

On May 19th, you used that reschedule code to purchase a single ticket to the Italian class on July 7th, without reschedule insurance.

Over Memorial Day weekend, you posted on this forum, wanting to reschedule again to another class.

Very sorry if you think our customer support is lacking. We will consider the issues at hand and contact you directly. As this is the week after a holiday, customer support volume is rather heavy. You can expect contact from us by the end of the week.

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Don’t worry, this forum is the best place to ask questions, no matter how complicated.

You purchased a ticket for an Italian class, and want to reschedule. That is always possible if you purchased ticket insurance. You just have to select “reschedule a class” under the Customer Support menu.

It doesn’t matter if you use a gift certificate or two, we treat all orders the same.

However, I looked at your order, and you did not opt for that insurance. Not all is lost. If you like, you can transfer the ticket to another person (or sell the ticket to someone) if you cannot make the class.

  • Hi Keith – I am really confused as I’ve aready rescheduled that class from the original champagne one I signed up for. So I should have the insurance? Can I purchase that insurance? I’d really like to take the 201 course with my husband that i’ve already applied the ticket to. My sisters – Kim and Lauren jones bought us those tickets separately and they’ve been in touch with you about trying to get us into a class before I became involved and it’s been a really really difficult task. I think it could be much simpler if we could speak via phone. been trying to get this all sorted for over 2 weeks now…. Not an excellent customer experience! Your help is greatly appreciated.
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