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I would like to reserve 6 spaces for the class 0n Saturday 9/19…Luxury Level….
Each of the three couples has a gift certificate to use for the purchase of the class, but
one of the couples is out of town until early next week. Can I purchase 4 tickets and reserve
the other two until Monday, when I will purchase the final 2 tickets….It has been very tricky for
three couples to come up with a date that will work and we don’t want to miss our chance.

  • Cathy,You haven’t responded to this post. I assume you got the information you needed. If not, please post a comment so we can answer your questions.
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I can put 2 tickets on a 7 day hold for you. Our classroom isnt setup for large groups. I’d suggest getting together for dinner before class as well. You won’t have the opportunity to chitchat until after the class otherwise. If you want to sit together, I’d suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to class, when the doors open. That is the best chance to score the seats you want.

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Yes, you did answer my question and I do want to reserve the spots and plan to
buy the tickets on Monday.

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