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Good Morning,

Coming to Philly for the first time June 16 through around June 25th and had a few questions.

Any chance another type of beer class might be added or should I just count on the Beer and Brewing 101 only for that time frame?

I am military. I will pay for a premium ticket so I can re-schedule if there is a change to my orders as far as time frame. However, if my orders were to be cancelled altogether could I get a refund?

And last but not least, will be bringing my wife along but she is strictly a non-drinker. Very much believe in DDs. I assume I still need to purchase her a ticket as well correct?

Thanks in advance and hope you have a great weekend.

Michael Branch

  • Michael Branch asked 5 years ago
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Awesome. Love to have you in class this summer. You can check out our available classes for June on our Class Calendar.

Keep in mind that there are no refunds for tickets. The premium ticket option allows you the option to reschedule one time. Those reschedule codes don’t expire, thoubgh.

Having a designated driver is great idea. You are right that all students have to purchase a ticket, regardless of whether they drink or not.

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