Any chance you'll offer more individual classes?

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My friend and I have been looking for a few weeks for a class we can take for an evening. But so many of the classes are full every time we look. We are not in a position to sign up for a class two months down the road. Are you considering offering more ‘one-time’ classes?
Thanks. Laura

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I feel your pain. Our schedule does fill up at this time of year. We are pretty much sold out until April, and that’s running classes every day except Tuesdays (our day off, usually).

Three things you can do.

Check out “Buy/Sell” section of the forum: People who purchased tickets without ticket insurance will post there. That’s the spot to get tickets to sold out classes.

The other way is to come to the wine school in the summer or fall. The wait list isn’t nearly as long for classes. You can often register for classes 2-3 weeks in advance rather than 2-3 months.

The other is to purchase tickets with ticket insurance. That way, you can bow out of a class at the last minute. That only costs $15/ticket and is worth it.

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