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Could you please give me a sense of what the America class would be like for someone who can’t eat gluten? How much of the class is centered around beers that would be undrinkable for someone with a gluten intolerance?


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That’s a good question. I will assume you do not have celiac disease, but that has been calls NCGS ( non-celiac gluten sensitivity) since Peter Gibsons study was released in 2011.

That original study underscored a growing gluten sensitivity in the population. However, Gibson just released his followup study that showed it wasn’t gluten specifically that was causing the issue, but fermentable, poorly absorbed short-chain carbohydrates (FODMAP).

While FODMAP isn’t as sexy as gluten, it is what your are likely sensitive to.

Grains like wheat and rye are going to be an issue: some beer are made with them, but almost always are listed. Most beers are made with barley, however, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Distilled beverages made from wheat and rye –such as bourbon– should be fine, since FODMAPS are destroyed in the distillation process.

Grapes are very low in FODMAPs, too, so wine won’t be an issue.

All in all, I think you would be fine in the class. I can’t guarantee what you will be drinking that night (that is up to the sommelier instructor), but I doubt there will be a wheat beer on the list, and probably not a rye, either.


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