Advanced Southern France Wine Course


I am possibly interested in the Advanced Southern France Wine Course that is to begin on May 1, 2017. Two questions:
1. Do you still have availability for the course?
2. Though I reviewed the description, I would appreciate confirmation that an inexperienced taster would be welcomed and comfortable in the course. I consume quite a bit of wine but have trouble describing, though my palate can certainly tell the difference between low quality and high quality. I belong to a number of CA wine clubs, I have tasted all over the world, including the South of France, and I have started making wine at home. However, I just feel I need to increase my knowledge and ability to describe what I am tasting. Would someone like myself be able to attend this course?

Please advise.

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There are currently two seats remaining in the program, so yes to question #1.

There will be advanced sommeliers in the class; there will be winery folks, too. And there will be others who are auditing the class. Our students are a warm and knowledgeable group, so you won’t feel out of place. So that’s a yes to your second question, too.


Keith Wallace
Wine School of Philadelphia

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