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I’ve completed 4 advanced courses and that raises several questions: 1. does that satisfy the requirements for a sommelier certificate of some sort? and what can students who complete the course “Wine Instructor Training” do professionally afterwards? The same questions apply to the course “Master of French Wine.”


  • David,

    I just pulled up your transcripts, and I was wrong: you’ve already been granted the Advanced Certification. Everything after this is gravy. If you want to head into the Level 5 Program, you can. Just let me know.



  • I’m interested; what is involved with the level 5 program? What do graduates or students of the level 5 program end up doing?

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You’ve been recommended for the ADV pin, which is to be voted on in April.

The Wine Instructor training is for anyone who is looking to teach in the field, which is growing exponentially. The French program is for anyone interested in that specialization: it’s part of the Advanced program.

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