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You can buy or  sell tickets in this forum (this is very helpful if you didn’t purchase ticket insurance). You can also request to be on the wait list for any upcoming class. 


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Hello, I would like to purchase tickets to a class as a gift for someone. How do I put the gift recipient’s name into my order so that the reservation is under the recipient (with my e| more ...
  • Jean asked 6 days ago
  • last active 6 days ago
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Hello, My name is Shannon Wheeler, and I registered for two spots in the Wine 101 course on December 19th as a birthday gift for my husband (Ryan Fogg). I never received a confirmation email| more ...
  • Shannon Wheeler asked 2 weeks ago
  • last active 2 weeks ago
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I am trying to sign up for Wine 101 class. It says tickets are available but when I go to checkout there is a problem. | more ...
  • Shelley Tucker asked 4 weeks ago
  • last active 4 weeks ago
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Hello, I am trying to purchase 2 tickets to the Wine 101: Learn about Wine class on December 19th. The website shows 4 tickets still available, but when I go to purchase there is an error no| more ...
  • John Halloran asked 4 weeks ago
  • last active 4 weeks ago
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I received an email confirmation indicating that I’m signed up for a class on 12/13, when in fact I signed up for a class next Friday, 9/20. | more ...
  • Seth asked 2 months ago
  • last active 2 months ago
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Hello, I rescheduled a class for 4 tickets, but I’m looking to get into the February 22nd Wine 101 course. I was placed in the Jan.2. 2020 course. Please let me know how I can switch t| more ...
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Hi there, On your website the upcoming class on Sep 14. Displays that there are 3 spots left, but then when you go to purchase there aren’t any available. Are there any tickets left? If so, | more ...
  • Liz asked 3 months ago
  • last active 3 months ago
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If I purchase the discount ticket to the Wine 101 class, does this mean I will not participate in the tastings? I am a little confused between the three different levels. I do not intend to | more ...
  • Jessica Weer asked 3 months ago
  • last active 3 months ago
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I purchased an insured ticket for the Cooking Class with Wine Pairings back in April 2019 but we were unable to attend and notified the school of the cancellation. We would like to reschedul| more ...
  • Courtney asked 3 months ago
  • last active 3 months ago
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I want to sign up for a class, but forgot my coupon code. Can you send it to me? | more ...
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