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Our list of restaurants in Philadelphia. Feel free to rate and review any and all restaurants.  Your opinions on  menus, sommeliers, wine lists,  BYOB programs, and  table service are very important to us.

If you represent a restaurant, you can claim your listing and add photos, details, and contact information.  We strongly suggest listing any Wine School graduates you may have working for you. We will be featuring, on our front page, all top-rated restaurants who hire our alumni.

164 Barren Hill Rd, Conshohocken, PA 19428, United States

Spring Mill Café is a rustic French BYO restaurant just outside of Conshohocken.

On Thursday, July 2, we will be hosting a Wine Dinner, featuring Moore Brothers Wine.

The dinner is a 5 course meal served with 4 complementary wines. Featuring an array of flavors including Vichyssoire, paté, scallops, St André cheese with pear, and sorbet with fresh berries. Expand your wine palate and explore a sparkling wine, red Beaujolais, rosé, and Moelleux.

David Moore from Moore Brothers will be our guest sommelier and help to expound upon these superb and unique wine choices.

Price is $78 per person and includes complementary wine.

Please call the restaurants for more details and to reserve a spot (very limited availability).

1525 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

A sleek bar with world-wide wines by the glass or bottle, plus cocktails, small plates & brunch.

5.00 (1 review)
1822 Callowhill St, Philadelphia, PA 19130, United States

Tiny, sleek Japanese-Korean eatery with a deep menu featuring items ranging from sushi to bibimbop.  

Fans of this Japanese-Korean BYO in Logan Square “could eat here every day and not get bored”, thanks to an “enormous menu” that ranges from “fresh”, “inventive” sushi to “outstanding” bibimbop, served by an “attentive, but laid-back” staff; there’s a “young, casual” vibe in the “sleek” setting that’s about as “big as a minute”, but that doesn’t deter devotees from “coming in for more.”


Laurel BYOB
5.00 (1 review)
1617 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148, United States

A tight menu of creative French & American fare in a small, stylish BYOB bistro.


His albacore starter may be the best raw tuna dish in town, firmed ever so slightly in tepid olive oil before being dressed with the delicate sweetness of shaved Asian pears and a powder of frozen horseradish and yuzu “snow” that melted in mouth with a cooling sparkle. A bracing edge of mustard oil, chile-spiked ponzu, and fermented daikon cubes were the perfect foil to assertive Spanish mackerel seared crackly warm on the skin side and sashimi raw on the reverse. A study in Berkshire pork – loin roasted, belly braised, tender shoulder pulled then formed into a patty – was memorable for its elegant necklace of huckleberry, kale, and chestnut sauces.

Elmi’s foie gras terrine was even more beautiful, a silken slab of creamy pink marbled with bitter cocoa and paired with a fine mince of cuminy, caramelized celery root – an earthy sweetness that gave the luxurious liver an unexpected exotic twist.

-Craig LeBan, Philadelphia Inquirer

1046 Tasker St, Philadelphia, PA 19148, United States

There is no other restaurant in Philly that’s as devoted to the pleasures of house-smoked fish and rich sauces scented with anise and mustard. The seared scallop appetizer comes over an actual mustard soup, in which house-baked pumpernickel croutons bob in broth that’s vivid orange with pureed carrot and mustard grains, then streaked green with tarragon oil. An even creamier mustard broth is the backdrop for a whole brook trout, its bones replaced with buttery Jerusalem artichoke stuffing, then topped with the peppery crunch of wilted mustard greens.

Before Lachman’s done with us, we will know our lohikeitto from our zuurkool, and how those creamy bitterballen pork croquettes clearly help foster a sense of genuine gezelligheid – even if that expression of conviviality is otherwise considered to be untranslatable abstract Dutch.

That’s because while Noord’s flavors may be distinct, it’s a kindred spirit to the legion of other 35-seat chef-owned BYOs that represent some of the best, most intimate aspects of Philly’s dining scene. With its penchant for updating rustic flavors rather than modern cuisine (sorry, no “new Nordic” crispy lichen here), I almost think of Noord as a northland cousin to Cypriot Kanella – but with herring and Smørrebrød bread samplers decked with smoked fish.

-Craig LeBan, Philadelphia Inquirer

5.00 (1 review)
1915 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148, United States

Ask a regular and they’ll tell you this East Passyunk Crossing BYO is “as close as it gets to Italy in Philly”, serving “old-fashioned, authentic” cuisine delectable enough to make guests leave their “plates so clean they don’t need washing”; the “understated” atmosphere is embellished by “interesting drama” from the colorful clientele, while “accommodating” servers ensure a “never-fail-you” experience.


Nomad Pizza Logo
611 S 7th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States

What do we love more than our pizza? This very excellent, and dare we say, poetic, quote from Philly’s toughest culinary critic and most elusive diner. Now, just for fun, do you agree or disagree? Read the full review here.

“…as far as I’m concerned, they are all chasing Nomad Pizza, whose most elemental pizzas, the Margherita and Marinara, are as close to perfection as I’ve tasted this side of Napoli. It begins with the dough, which is left to ferment for several days before cooking, and develops a complex malty sweetness. In the oven, it takes on an elegant constellation of char-spots, and an irresistibly savory, luxurious chew that dusts my lips with flour when my teeth sink deep into its crackly crust. It has a profoundly roasted flavor that lingers for hours after the meal is over. But Nomad’s toppings are not to be overlooked, either, including an uncooked sauce that’s not too sweet, too tart, or too salty, but a sunbeam of vivid tomato that brightens all the other ingredients — the milky sweetness of buffalo mozzarella with the Margherita, the dusky herbaceousness of oregano, whole basil leaves and zesty garlic with the Marinara, or the piquance of salami kissed with a golden drizzle of local honey on the Spicy Sopressata…”

1120 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, United States

The Farm & Fisherman is a 30-seat BYOB owned by husband-wife team Josh & Colleen Lawler.  This intimate setting allows for a truly hands-on approach from these two accomplished chefs. Josh served as the former chef de cuisine at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a renowned restaurant considered one of the pioneers in the locavore/farm-to-table movement.  Colleen served as sous chef at the New York Times 3-star restaurant Picholine, known for its focus on quality and creativity.  Together, Josh & Colleen have merged the combination of their experiences and focus to return to Philadelphia where they are both from and met while attending Drexel University.  The menu, which changes with the nuances of the seasons, features the finest sustainably sourced ingredients including meat, fish, and poultry.

Craig LaBan, in his enthusiastic 3 bell review of The Farm and Fisherman, said “This BYOB exemplifies the best of the farm-to-table movement…This is a restaurant that should restore our faith in the possibilities of a philosophy that’s far more than a fleeting trend.”  Philly Magazine also recognized the restaurant awarding it with the Best of Philly 2012 award for Best Farm-to-Table saying “this fresh and inventive BYO is the real deal.”

5.00 (1 review)
4437 Rte 309, Dallas, PA 18612, United States

This unique inn and restaurant sits on 50 acres in front of a beautiful mountain “beau-mont(agne).” Built in 1948 by Peter Masonis, purchased by the Vaskas brothers in 1957, and sold to the Harkins family in 1988, The Beaumont Inn has a long history of excellent customer service,  food and wine.

The Inn  eventually closed in 2006, but was renovated and restored by Rob Friedman of Friendman Farms. He brought on several CIA trained chefs and Sommelier Tom Sobieski ,  a Wine School of Philadelphia diploma candidate.

The botanical garden surrounding The Beaumont Inn is a collection of over 200 varieties of plants with the theme of a progression of bloom from March to November. You can also enjoy a drink, dinner, or our bar menu outside on our new flagstone patio or reconstructed terrace overlooking Leonard Creek. The 3500 square foot completely furnished patio & terrace include two gas fire pits & tiki torches for a wonderful evening ambiance. We also plan on having live music outside on weekends.


Steve's Prince of Steak.jpg
2.00 (1 review)
2711 Comly Rd Philadelphia PA
(215) 677-8020(215) 677-8020
Top of the Hill Market.png
186 E Evergreen Ave Philadelphia PA
(215) 248-6009(215) 248-6009

Top of the Hill Café is a family owned business that was born from Top of the Hill Farm Market which has been offering fresh local produce to the community for the past 35 years. This same commitment to freshness can be found at Top of the Hill Café.

Our soups, salads, sandwiches and hot entrees are prepared daily on the premises. We offer fresh, creative food, personalized service and a welcoming destination for those who live and work on “the Hill”.

Our menu is geared to the convenience of taking a meal to your own home to enjoy, or you may choose to dine in our cozy Café. Outdoor seating is available in our courtyard in the warmer months. We deliver food to local homes and businesses and offer a wide range of catering services.

The next time you are in the Chestnut Hill area please stop by and visit us.

Mixx Fusions & Sushi.jpg
1002 Arch St Philadelphia PA
(215) 923-1180(215) 923-1180

If you are seeking a restaurant that offers a variety of Asian cuisine, then look no further. Here at Mixx Fusion & Sushi Restaurant in Philadelphia we promise to satisfy your cravings. Our chefs scour the marketplace for the finest, freshest ingredients to create our fine dishes. Our Asian appetizers from our sushi bar could make a whole meal. There’s Mango Tuna, Sunomono (raw fish), Uni Tempura, Sashimi Naruto, Tako Su (octopus). We offer delicious hand and cut sushi rolls, specialty rolls and ala carte sushi or sashimi rolls, all created with a variety of seafood’s: tuna, red snapper, fluke, Hokki clams, shrimp, flying fish roe, eel, octopus and many others. Take advantage of our easy online ordering service to place your order. Our excellent delivery service will bring your orders directly to your front door.

Angelinos Restaurant & Pizza.jpg
849 N 25th St Philadelphia PA
(215) 787-9945(215) 787-9945

We are a family-owned BYOB, Italian Restaurant, and we welcome you, our neighbors, into our home. We don’t fret about having guest stop by. We have plenty of room, and feel free to ask for more than simply sugar, neighbor. Come enjoy the savory, Rustic food, great service and casual atmosphere we’ve been giving the Art Museum Area for 5 years now. And we’re not slowing down any time soon. Don’t believe us? Well, come take a seat in our dinning room, give us a call ahead for pick up, or have our food delivered right to your own home for your convenience, and taste what we’re cooking now.
Experience the different pastas and various homemade sauces we feature on our dinner menu. Taste why our patrons come in day after day for years now to delight in our oven baked pizzas, which are hand tossed to perfection. See why our fresh Italian seeded rolls separate our hoagies and Rustic sandwiches from all the others. And, of course, we all know the perfect appetizer is the ideal setter-upper for any meal at hand. You’ll have everything from our homemade soups to our shrimp with chorizo to choose from.Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’re here as your neighbor to serve you and your family. You won’t even have to knock on our door. Our home is open. Let our familia serve your family.
We’re B.Y.O.B.
Wouldn’t you rather have the freedom of bringing your own favorite wine or beer than inflating your bill with the highly priced drinks that most restaurants serve? Our glasses are waiting

12012 Bustleton Ave Philadelphia PA
(215) 671-1990(215) 671-1990

Traditional dishes in Chaikhana Uzbekistan are meat pastries, shashlik, bread, rice, thick soups, stews sometimes served with noodles or dumplings.Day In, Take-Out, Delivery, Exclusive Catering.

Original Village Pizza.jpg
10006 Sandmeyer Ln Philadelphia PA
(215) 969-6220(215) 969-6220
795 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States
(215) 625-0556(215) 625-0556
Pub on Passyunk East.jpg
1501 E Passyunk Ave Philadelphia PA
(215) 755-5125(215) 755-5125
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