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This week,  the Patriot-News has an article about buying wine  in Pennsylvania.  It’s written by Sue Gleiter, who has written a string of  similar articles over the years.  Her articles often seem like barely veiled PLCB propaganda, but I was willing to give her another chance.

Halfway through the article, Gleiter offers the seemingly crazy suggestion that consumers should ask PLCB employees for advice.  Really? Really? Really?  I would like to share this delicious tidbit from a former PLCB employee:

I always liked Boone’s Farm and Mad dog 20/20. I worked at a state store, and was just getting ready to go to wine school. Then I took a transfer into another state job. Wish I would have had the time to go to wine school. When people asked me about wines I pretty much just lied. I told them if your eating chicken or pork go for a white wine. If beef go for a red wine. Or something like that. I had a cheat sheet.

The next time I am dying for a bottle of  grain or hootch, I will  head over to the PLCB for some advice. However, if I want some real help in buying wine, I am a firm believer in the Wine School’s  monthly newsletter. It’s free and –unlike the Patriot-News– free of  pandering.

PLCB and Coveted Wine Jobs

Are you interesting in a job at the PLCB, too? Well you are in luck! We have a guide to getting a job at the PLCB  we also have  a board with all  wine jobs in Philly listed.    For all jobs, it is suggested one has a good level of wine education prior to applying for  a job. Institutions such as the National Wine School, the Wine & Spirits Trust are excellent places to earn your professional wine certification. For sommelier certification, the National Wine School and the Court of Master Sommeliers are the best options.


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  1. Well, actually, they must have edited out the rest of the advice. You ask the State Store (oh, pardon, “Wine & Spirits Shoppe”) employee what to get, and then grab anything BUT what they suggest…..


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