The Wine School takes a star turn, Six wines you need to try, and a sale for our favorite peeps.
May 2019 Newsletter

Is the Wine School building a piece of art?  Want to teach wine for a living? What is the "Favorite Mistake" of the Wine School's founder?  Which are the top wines currently available in Philly's wine shops?  And how about a $50 Discount for you ? Read on for details. 

Tasting Classes at the Wine School

Beer School: The Hops Class

Thursday, June 6 at 7:30 pm

The beer tasting class for craft beer nerds. The last few years have been a renaissance in brewing, and this class is a celebration of all things hoppy.

Sommelier Secrets

Wednesday, July 10 at 7:30 pm

Buy great wine by just reading the fine print. Spend less money while enjoying higher quality wine. Learn the one weird trick that makes wine taste better.  In this class, we reveal our well kept secrets!


Food & Wine Pairing

Wednesday, July 17 at 7:30 pm

Knowing the best wine to serve with food is a challenge. This class guides you through choosing the perfect pairings for any occasion as well as providing the key characteristics of varietals and the principles behind pairing them. 

Master of French Wine

June 3rd to July 22nd at 7:30pm

Long sold out, one seat to this this advanced wine course is now available. 

This is an eight week course and a  deep dive into French wine regions. Core Certification is required.


Wine Instructor Training & Certification

If you have dreamed of working in the wine trade then this is a program you should strongly consider. This accelerated program is the core to most careers in wine.  Having your Core Certification is suggested, but not required.  Two students from last year's program are already running their own wine schools, and another one is working with us.   

Terroir Daronton 2017 Côtes du Rhône Villages Roaix

Terroir Daronton 2017 Roaix, Côtes du Rhône Villages

This is a classic and lovely Cotes du Rhone Cru, closer in style to Gigondas than Châteauneuf du Pape. Aromas of toasted lavender and driftwood on the nose. Medium bodied with iron-flecked plum notes, typical of higher-altitude Grenache. Tannins are a bit astringent, so a decanter would be called for.

91 Points | Wine School
$12.99 | PA Wine & Spirit Stores

Bodegas Berceo 2013 Rioja Reserva

Bodegas Berceo 2013 Rioja Reserva

There is an effortless and charming quality to this wine, even if a bit aggressive. Notes of sandalwood and cigar smoke add lift to the blue fruits.  Oak spices pierce the mineral-bright character and supple tannins make this a fantastic food wine. Grilled lamb chops with black olives would be a perfect pairing.

92 Points | Wine School
$13.99 | PA Wine & Spirit Stores

Brittan Vineyards  2014 Basalt Block Pinot Noir, McMinnville

Brittan Vineyards 2014 “Basalt Block” Pinot Noir, McMinnville

This is a marvel. Instead of the usual wine descriptions, I'm going to use another modern masterpiece as a metaphor.

Imagine if Wile E. Coyote filled a hundred barrels with flowers and chocolate. Let's say he took those barrels and squeezed them until they were small enough to fit each one into a blueberry. He places them on a bullseye, with an anvil dangling high above.

The plan is for the Road Runner would stop and take a nibble.. and KAPOW!  But it backfires.  The stuffed berries are too delicious, Mr. Coyote forgets himself and eats the blueberries .. and KAPOW!

And that's pretty much the first taste of this Pinot. 

95 Points | Wine School
$29.99 | PA Wine & Spirit Stores

Rimapere 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

Rimapere 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough

This is a lovely white wine; light of body and bright in acidity. What makes it special is its Bordeaux-like structure that is both tactile and broad. Fruit flavors steal the show: mostly melon, passion fruit, and lime. A bundle of tarragon and hay lay down the finish. 

95 Points | Wine School
$12.99 | PA Wine & Spirit Stores

Infinito Winemaker's Selection Malbec Mendoza 2014

Infinito 2014 “Winemaker’s Selection” Malbec, Mendoza

Rested in French oak for over a year. Aromas of cracked pepper and dark fruit. Pencil shavings and crushed violets emerge with decanting. The tannins here are smooth but impressively firm. A balance of freshness keeps the chocolate and melted licorice from overpowering the structure. Well done. 

90 Points | Wine School
$15.99 | PA Wine & Spirit Stores

Stonehedge 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Grand Reserve

Stonehedge 2016 “Grand Reserve” Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Full-bodied, oak-driven, and decadently textured. Definitely geared towards the expense-account crew at the downtown steak houses across America.

Toasted spices, a hint of varietal green notes, and a megaton blast of melted chocolate. A healthy edge of freshness keeps the dark fruit flavors from melting into jam.  

Listed at $55, this came in at under $30 in Philadelphia. At that price, this is a good find. 

95 Points | Wine School

$12.99 | PA Wine & Spirit Stores

A Sale and So Much More

So apparently the Wine School is considered art now.  Thank you, Alejandro A. Alvarez and Washington West Gallery! Also, this month's Spirited Magazine our fearless leader talks about the best mistakes he ever made

Finally, we have a $50 coupon for you ! It's valid for any class or program. There are only three caveats: you have to pick up at least $200 worth of tickets, it's not valid with other offers, AND you have to  register before the end of May:

Just use the discount code may2019wsop during checkout. This is valid for all classes and courses up on the website now, so we suggest signing up soon

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