Wine School in the Media (Everywhere but the New York Times)

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After compiling this list, I was surprised at the outcome: we have been featured by an impressive number of  publications.   I guess it makes sense:  we have been around for over a decade, and everyone loves to read about booze.

All of the articles are about how awesome we are. I wish! In reality, most of the time we are just helping a journalist get the real story. It may surprise you, but we do serious news.   We have been interviewed on articles about corruption in the wine trade, questionable practices of a state wine regulatory agency, and misdeeds of a  multinational corporation. We  do the fun stuff, too: articles on mulled wine, best wine with junk food, and many other stories that are the stock-in-trade of the booze world.

For your reading pleasure, we have included links to our digital archives below. However, our database is incomplete, so we can’t link to every story. We are adding more news stories everyday, so please come back and check them out!  Oh, and we are still waiting for the New York Times to write an article about us. Eric Asimov, where are you?


Media Contacts

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National Media

[link id=”30467″ text=”BBC.”] A Wine School director interviewed on PLCB policy

[link id=”30440″ text=”NPR.”] Several articles and stories featuring the Wine School.

[link id=”30442″ text=”NBC.”]  Several articles and stories featuring the Wine School.

CBS. A Wine School director was named one of the “Top Sommeliers in Philadelphia”

MS-NBC. A school director is interviewed on consumer rights, wine law and PLCB policy.

[link id=”30446″ text=”Wall Street Journal.“] Several articles, including a feature on wine schools and education around the country.

Business Week. The magazine features a  Wine School student and his passion for wine.


New York Times

New York Times. Nah, nothing here yet. A guy can hope!


Food & Beverage Media

Wine Spectator. Several articles featuring the Wine School of Philadelphia and it’s students.

Wine & Spirits Magazine.  The school’s Sommelier Smackdown is featured.

Bon Appetit. A short feature on the Wine School.

[link id=”30456″ text=”Draft Magazine.”] The Philly Beer School is featured in an awesome article by Tara Nurin.

Zagat. A feature on the Sommelier Smackdown.


Regional Media

Philadelphia Magazine. Both the Wine School and the Beer School both wine “Best of Philly”

USA Today. The Philly Beer School earns yet another “Best of Philly” nod.

[link id=”30456″ text=”PLCB.”] A school director works with Jonathan Newman to abolish the PLCB. The announcement of the legislation was made at the Wine School with a group of state senators and representatives.

[link id=”30456″ text=”Napa Valley Register. “] A school instructor helped out on this story on mulled wine.

[link id=”30456″ text=”Los Angeles Times. “] The school’s Sommelier Smackdown is featured in this article.

[link id=”30436″ text=””] A school director writes, produces, and co-stars in a long-running video series.

[link id=”30444″ text=”Philadelphia Inquirer”]. Several articles about the Wine School of Philadelphia, including one written by Craig LeBan.

Philadelphia Daily News. Several articles about the Wine School, including one about artisanal water.

[link id=”30438″ text=”Philadelphia City Paper.”] Several articles, including a feature on a Wine School director.

Philadelphia Weekly. Several features, including a front-page article in the Education section.

[link id=”30456″ text=”Uwishunu.”] A video feature of  the Wine School.


 Other Media

Amtrak Magazine

USAir Magazine



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