McPrice Myers 2013 Beautiful Earth, Paso Robles

Posted by Keith Wallace

McPrice Myers 2013 Beautiful Earth Red, Paso Robles
McPrice Myers 2013 Beautiful Earth Red, Paso Robles

There are a few folks who have been reading my reviews —Chris, Jon, and Mary, to name a few—  since I started in 2001.  You can even check some of those old reviews on our online wine review database.  One thing you’ll notice is that my enthusiasm for great wine ranges from the biggest burliest Napa Cab to the most ethereal Burgundy. I am a wine-style agnostic. All I want is a damn good wine for a damn good price.

The reason I bring this up is that this is an extreme wine. If you like elegance and subtlety, if you favor delicate underpinnings and complex overtones…. this isn’t for you. This is a demon bus of chocolate terror coming to burn down the farmers market and steal your labradoodle puppy.

I guess I could have just said “you won’t like this,” but that was so much more fun to write.

Who will love this, then? If you’ve tasted a $200 bottle of Napa  Valley red and said to yourself DAMN, I LOVE THAT, and I LOVE IT MORE THAN MY CHILDREN, I WISH I COULD AFFORD THAT. Then the answer is you, and you will love this bottle.

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