Pull your dimes together, because it’s time to make history and buy the oldest winery in France.

For those of you who have struck it rich and want something that’s actually worth spending money on, it’s time to own a real piece of history. Chateau Goulaine is looking for a new owner…

By the way, this estate hasn’t been on the market for 1000 years.

It is one of the oldest operating winery-chateaus in the world. In fact, it might actually be the oldest, having first been established around 1000 AD. The current building isn’t quite that old, having been built on top of the original medieval fortress in 1480. But underneath the chateau are all original vaulted cellars.

Maybe you can put your wine collection down there. The chateau includes vineyards, fields, and wooded areas for Jane Eyre-esque strolling around the grounds.

You’re welcome for the tip. Just invite me for the housewarming.

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