Payment won’t process for Advance French class

Customer & Student Support Payment won’t process for Advance French class

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      Ken and I were unable to submit payment for Adv French Wine Class, for January. We both tried separately with different credit cards (that are good). we would like to reserve a spot for each of us.

      Please tell us how to submit payment.

      Ingrid DiGregorio

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      No doubt! I’ll take a look. Did an error message show up? Any help you can give would be awesome.


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      Ken received an error message asking for another form of payment, we gave different credit cards and still did not go through for both of us. (our credit cards are ok to use, I promise).

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      I’m looking into the issue right now. I 100% am sure your cards are fine. I’m getting the same error. Hold tight, it seems one of our security updates may not have completed and is bouncing orders. This may take a few hours. Paypal is working right not (if you want to use that).

      Thanks for the heads up.


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      You can register for the France program now.


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      Hi Keith,
      I took your advice and registered with PayPal. However inadvertently I bought 4 tickets instead of 2 not sure if there was an order in the cart that I duplicated. Also, to make thinks even more confusing I received confirmation for 10 tickets from WSOP on two separate emails. Help!! Sorry for the problems my glasses must be foggy see you Friday for another exciting on line class
      Ingrid DiGregorio

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      I just saw that and took you down to two seats (and refunding the $$$ for the excess seats). Not a problem, and no judgment here. See you on FRI!

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