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      robert bloch

      I have enjoyed several Kosher Cabs. I then just discovered your writings.(Keith) and about the increase of Cab over others, which I have always remarked to others and they said “dont be so cheap”.
      At $80 a bottle for Castel Grand Vin, I dont think I am cheap. I would be DELIGHTED to have a review of the Kosher Wines, particularly what I drink. For example Bat Shlomo, started by the Rothchilds(so I am told)

      I will even make the purchases to have them reviewed and make the trip to PA for the review.
      I have a few that I like and I always wondered if they were overpriced or more importantly how is this particular Cab so BURGUNDY, almost eggplant in color. Added Color? Then I read the article on the color additives. Maybe I should stick to seltzer! Sigh….

      Thank you for even reading this and hopefully considering it. But there are rules about serving Kosher Wine that we should probably share first. I would be thrilled to speak with you if you have any interest.

      Robert Bloch
      BEI Window Coverings & Interiors
      757-286-6011 Mobile

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