Next week is Food and Wine Week at the Wine School of Philadelphia.  Beginning on November 18th, three sommeliers and one chef  will create over one hundred wine pairings based around a fresh new four-course menu.

  • Fresh Herb Salad. Ginger and Miso Vinaigrette
  • Lobster pot pie. Fennel, fresh Maine lobster, local cream.
  • New England Dinner. Pastrami cured short ribs, turnips, laurel and Komatsuna
  • Caved-aged Hard Cheeses. 

On Monday, we will be having a cooking & wine  pairing class for aspiring home cooks.

On Wednesday, we will be hosting the monthly Sommelier Smackdown. This month features sommeliers Alana Zerbe and Ryan Margolis

On Friday, we will be running the Cook & Cork food & wine pairing class.

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