Discount Tickets

Discount tickets are a great way to save money and attend a great class. There are some restrictions on these tickets.  They cannot be rescheduled or refunded. They also do not come with customer support.

If you are 100% you can make the class, and don’t need any help from us, then these are a smart choice. We strongly suggest not opting for Discount Tickets when gift-giving. We’d suggest either purchasing Insured Tickets or a gift certificate.

What Are Discount Tickets?

Discount tickets are between $20-$40 less expensive than our Insured or Premium tickets. The class experience is exactly the same. However, there very specific differences in how these tickets are treated, in terms of customer support and flexibility.

Important to note: Discount Tickets are only available for one-night classes. If you are attending a multi-day academic course,  this page does not apply to you. 

What are the Limitations of Discount Tickets?

Discount tickets have two major limitations: rescheduling and customer support. These tickets cannot be rescheduled. This means the holder cannot submit a reschedule request. In fact, submitting a reschedule request for discount tickets will void those tickets.

Two Ways To Determine If You Have Discount Tickets

Not sure if you have discount tickets? There are two ways to find out.

#1 Pull Up Your Account

If you purchased the tickets you can easily verify what type of tickets you have. We automatically create an account for all students. All you need is the email address you used to purchase the tickets. Click here to access your account. Once you are in your account, click on “orders.”

#2 How Much Was Paid?

You can determine if you have discount tickets by the price paid for the tickets. If the price of each ticket ends in a zero or a one, it is a discount ticket.

What if I Received These Tickets as a Gift?

Please ask the gift giver to email you the electronic tickets we sent them. The type of ticket issued (Discount, Insured, or Premium) will be stated on the front of the ticket.

I Have Discount Tickets But I Can’t Come

You have two options.  Both are simple, and you don’t even need to inform us which you choose. All the ticket holders have to know is the name of the ticket purchaser, or have a physical copy of the ticket itself.

  • You can sell your tickets to anyone of legal drinking age.
  • You can gift your tickets to anyone of legal drinking age.

If you opt for selling tickets, we suggest craigslist. You can also look on our forum for people seeking tickets.

Can I Upgrade My Discount Tickets?

What Happens I Submit a Reschedule Request with Discount Tickets?

If you have discount tickets and submit a reschedule request, two things happen.

  • Your tickets are voided immediately
    This happens as soon as you submit a reschedule request. This is why it’s imperative you do not request a reschedule code if you have discount tickets. 
  • We process your request
    It will take about a week to process your reschedule request. Since discount tickets cannot be rescheduled, the process ends here. You will neither be able to attend the class nor will you get a reschedule code. 

We don’t want this outcome as much as you do, but remember this policy if firm.

Customer Support for Discount Tickets

Discount tickets are priced up to 50% less than other tickets. The classroom experience is exactly the same as any other type of ticket. However, they come with significant limitations, one of which is customer support.  With discount tickets, you have access to our online FAQ which will answer any of your questions.

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