Private Club for Students & Alumni

The Exclusive Wine Club at the Wine School of Philadelphia


This is the wine tasting club for Alumni and current students in the Advanced Program.  We opened this club for three core reasons. First, we wanted to facilitate the friendships that have been formed within our walls.  Continuing wine education is another core goal. Finally, to have an exclusive space for our students and alumni to enjoy. 


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Cru Wine Club

Our exclusive wine club. Fun and informal, it’s the best way to socialize with other wine lovers. Free to all Cru Club members. Not available for virtual members. 

Cooking Classes

Private Dinner Club

A BYOB meal created and prepared by our in-house chef (with a vegetarian option).  Available for all Cru Club members, Free for 1er Cru and Grand Cru members. Guests are allowed. Not available for virtual members.

Advanced Sommelier Courses

Exclusive Cru Classes

We are offering classes that are available only to current cru club members and their guests.  These are classes that are higher level than our ordinary classes, along with very special wine selections. Available for all members. Free for Virtual, 1er, and Grand Cru members. Guests are allowed. 

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F.A.F. Food & Wine

When the greatest palates in Philadelphia congregate, you really can’t call it a potluck dinner. It’s a Fancy as F*** food & wine gatherings. Free for all members. Guests are permitted. Not available for virtual memberships.

Wine Tasting Classes

Wine Buying Club & Storage

We are opening up our access to high quality and rare wines to the Cru! Our buying club allows members to legally buy wine and have wines delivered and held for you in a temperature-controlled environment. Free for Virtual, 1er, and Grand Cru members.

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VIP Wine Coaching & Consulting

Professional consulting, tutoring, and coaching services with the school’s founder. This service is for anyone looking to expand their career, start a business, or simply need help in their wine studies.  Available to all members. free for Grand Cru members.


Plus all members receive discounts of 200% of their monthly dues.

Membership fees for the Cru Club are collected monthly.

Questions about the Cru Club? Just post below. 


  1. Can members change service levels at any time? What would be involved in up- or downgrading?

  2. Thank you for the invitation! I tried to register for the Virtual Cru Club, but the system keeps adding Priority Mail shipping at ~$10/month to my monthly fees – is that a glitch, or will you be shipping something every month?

    Also, is it possible to change the membership level later? At the moment, the Virtual Cru Club works best for me, but that may change. Is there an option to cancel later?

    Finally, what is a 200% member discount of monthly dues? Sounds too good to be true :)

    • that was a glitch. fixed now. you will be able to switch subscriptions in the future.

  3. Is this $99 per year or a one time charge

    • Nick, no this is the monthly membership fee. This is a value of over $400/month in services.


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