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The Exclusive Wine Club at the Wine School of Philadelphia


This is the wine tasting club for Alumni and current students in the Advanced Program.  We opened this club for three core reasons. First, we wanted to facilitate the friendships that have been formed within our walls. Supporting continuing education in wine is another core goal. Third, to foster our growing community of students and alumni. And finally, to act as an incubator for the Master in Wine Society

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Cru Wine Club

Monthly Club Tastings

Each month, members of the Cru Club organize a tasting at the Wine School. Each night is organized around a single theme, often reflecting or inspired by current Advanced programs. These tastings are held on the second Saturday of every month at 7pm.

Cru Wine Club

109 S. 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Wine Club Application

Graduates and current students in our Advanced Wine Courses are encouraged to apply to the Wine School’s official tasting club. To be a member of the Cru Wine Club, you must satisfy one of the following requirements: Be enrolled in the Advanced Wine Program, be a graduate of the Advanced Wine Program. or be a member of the Master in Wine Society.

Important Cru Club Details

  1. Each month, a theme will be posted on the Cru forum
  2. To attend, you must participate under the forum. 
  3. A maximum of 22 members are allowed in the classroom.
  4. Attendees must be currently enrolled in an Advanced course(s) or have earned their Advanced Somm Certification.
  5. The school must be returned to the condition it was in prior to any Cru event.
  6. You are liable for any damage or theft incurred during a Cru event.
  7. All members must exit the premises by 10pm.
  8. One member of the Cru should be elected every month to ensure these mandates are carried through.

Cru Club


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