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When you hire the Wine School, you are hiring the top echelon of industry insiders and academics. Our corporate and trade services are handled personally by the school’s directors: Keith Wallace (Founder) and Alana Zerbe (Director of Wine Education).

Executive Services

  • Development of University Curriculum
  • Brand Development
  • Viticultural Consulting
  • TED-style Talks
  • Private Classes for Executives


The Wine School created the perfect Ikea event: creatively exciting and accessible to everyone.

Ikea National Headquarters

We had a great time last night. Food was delicious as were the wine selections. Nothing but positive feedback. Thank you!

Meradia Group, Inc.

Thank you so much for creating the perfect event for us!

Abington Arts Center

A wonderful introduction to the world of wine which the participants still talk about favorably over six months after the event.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP


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Winemaker Conferences

Wine Event Speaker

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Corporate Wine Events FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Can I sign my group up for a public tasting class?

Corporate Wine Events Versus Public Tasting Classes

Our public classes are not a good fit for a company event or outing. Here are the major reasons why a private event with the Wine School is the highly preferable option to our public classes.

Public Tasting Classes

  • groups cannot sit together
  • no conversations during class
  • no early or late arrivals permitted
  • no cologne or perfume allowed

Corporate Wine Events

  • private room for your group
  • meet & greet options
  • flexible start and end times
  • no dress code


Why are private wine tastings more expensive than public classes?

While it may seem like private classes are more expensive than our public-facing classes, it is not actually true. In fact, for most groups, a private event is more cost effective

  • We offer luxury-level events to our corporate clients. Our comparable public classes cost $75-100 per ticket.
  • Ticket insurance ($15/ticket) is included for our corporate clients. This allows you to reschedule your event at any time.
  • We offer discounts of between 20-40% off for groups of 14 or more.

Pricing Example: A private group of 20 people will cost $1,520. The same number of tickets in a public wine event would cost $1,800. You would save over $280.

What are wine seminars?

Wine Seminars

We offer a wide selection of award-winning wine tastings for corporate events. These are sit-down seminars for executives, client-facing staff, clients and guests. These are wonderfully enjoyable programs, and are designed to impart essential information about the world of wine. These are excellent options for both offsite and onsite events.

  • Sommelier Secrets
  • Introduction to Wine
  • Old World versus New World Wines
  • The Greatest Wines From Around the World
  • Wine Knowledge & Etiquette for Business Executives
  • France versus Italy
  • An Introduction to Blind-Tasting
  • Wine and Cheese Pairings

Do you offer team building events?

 Team Building Wine Events

A popular option for corporate wine events. We offer the following team building events for both onsite and offsite events.

  • Wine Blending Workshop
    A sommelier from the Wine School begins this event with an entertaining 15 minute lesson on blending. Afterwards, small groups break out to blend their perfect wine.
  • Blind-Tasting Competition
    The event begins with an engaging 15 minute wine talk, followed by a short sensory training exercise. Teams then are challenged to properly identify the wines in front of them. 
Do you offer food and wine events?

Food and Wine Pairing Events

We offer a number of food and wine pairing options. For onsite events at the school, we take care of everything. For offsite events, the client (you) will need to book the restaurant or facility.

  • Formal Dinner and Wine Pairing (offsite)
    A master-level sommelier from the Wine School will take your group on a food and wine pairing adventure.
  • Receptions with Wine Stations (offsite)
    A team of sommeliers from the school will man your wine tasting stations.
  • Cooking Classes (onsite)
    A chef and sommelier will host a demonstration cooking class at the school.
  • Food and Wine Pairing  Classes (onsite)
    A chef and sommelier will host a food and wine pairing class at the school.




What are the limitations for onsite events?

Seating Limitations

  • The Wine School’s classroom can seat up to 22 people comfortably.

Booking Limitations

  • Private wine events are only available when there are no classes being held.
  • We do not book wine events under 8 people.
What type of discounts do you offer?

We offer discounts for larger groups.

Onsite Events

  • For groups of 14 – 22, we offer a 20% discount.

Offsite Events

  • For groups of 14 or more, we offer a 20% discount.
  • For groups of 40 or more, we offer a 30% discount.
  • For groups of 80 or more, we offer a 40% discount.


Corporate Wine Events

Our client list  includes Microsoft, IKEA, Google, GE, Campbell’s  Soup, University of Pennsylvania, and Comcast.  Like all the offerings at the Wine School,  our corporate wine events are far from the ordinary. From team building to customer appreciation events, we have a decade of  experience in building extraordinary corporate wine experiences  Each one of our events is custom built with respect to our client’s needs.  Events can be held at the school or your location.

Private Wine Courses

We have been running our series of fun and educational wine tasting events since the school was founded in 2001. These two hour tastings are a great way to host a corporate event.  Our sommelier-instructors are charismatic and irreverent, and never snobbish. Philadelphia Magazine featured these events in their 2008 “Best of Philly” edition, and for good reason.



Keynote Wine Speaker

Keith Wallace, Founder of the Wine School

Bestselling Author, University Professor, Celebrated Winemaker, Chairman of the National Wine School

A tour de force in the wine world; Keith speaks all languages of wine.  He gives TED-style  talks to  winemakers and academics.  He teaches boot camp for wine novices. He trains corporate executives on international wine etiquette.

Keith is an engaging communicator. His humor and wit can make an audience of hundreds feel like an intimate affair. He has the rare ability to communicate to everyone, regardless of knowledge level.