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Food & Wine Scholar™

Semester ends February 14th see all

Mon, January 3, 2022 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

food and wine pairing

Demystify the challenge of food and beverage pairings. This wine course presents a practical, user-friendly approach grounded in understanding the direct relationships and reactions between food and wine components, flavors, and textures. This approach uses sensory analysis to help the practitioner identify key elements that affect pairings, rather than simply following the usual laundry list of wine-to-food matches.

  • Introduction to Food & Wine Pairing.
    The basics of wine evaluation and the hierarchy of taste concepts.
  • Flavor & Texture Lab.
    A systematic process for predicting successful matches using sequential and mixed tasting methods.
  • Wine & Cheese Pairing
    The classical pairings examined.
  • Component Lab.
    The taste components of food and wine, and how they interrelate with each other. 
  • Classical Food & Wine Pairing
    Classical Italian, French, and Spanish cuisine
  • Modern Food & Wine Pairing
    The impact that spice, flavor type, flavor intensity, and flavor persistence.
  • Master Food & Wine Pairing
    A semester of food & wine, completed.
  • Sommelier Pairing Exam
    Examination by a Master Somm (or equivalent)

This food and wine course combines in-depth explorations of wines with guidance about foods that enhance the wide range of styles. This clear, educational, and entertaining approach towards intimidating gastronomical questions provides information for all students, professional and amateur alike.

In each class, you will be tasting multiple food and wine pairings. Dietary restrictions should be disclosed on the first day of class.

109 S 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103 United States
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