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Philly Beer School

A pioneer in using education to simultaneously deconstruct and advance the mystique of craft beer.

Tara Nurin

Author, Draft Magazine

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Philly Beer School

Beer Brewing Courses in Philadelphia

Learn how to brew beer like a pro.

Learn how to brew beer at home from start to finish, from extract brewing to all grain and beyond. Our programs include the secrets to fermentation, pro tips on making great and more. Throw away your Mr. Beer and  become a  master homebrewer.

We offer a range of brewing programs for understanding and making beer. From ales and lagers to saisons and sours: Everything you need to be a successful home brewer is taught. Learn the basics of building a home brewery, craft beer from world-class proven recipes, and learn brewing techniques from knowledgeable instructors.

Brewing Course Levels


Level One
Hands on brewing program that will teach you all the steps needed to brew amazing beers at home.

Level Two
This course introduces advanced techniques in all-grain brewing.

Level Three
Learn how to brew highly technical beers and craft your own recipes with an eye towards becoming a pro brewer.

Upcoming Programs