Ticket Insurance Upgrade Application


Do you have a discount ticket and need to reschedule? You can now apply for ticket insurance after registration!  There are few caveats to this process, which you should be aware of.

Your reschedule request must be made two weeks before the class in question. You will be charged two small administration fees. However, we’ll send you a gift certificate, which covers all but a few dollars of those fees.

It takes 10 business days to process your application, which must be completed before your class. If your class is coming up in the next two weeks, you will need to purchase a rush service. If you don’t, your application will be denied.

Information we will need from you. During check-out, you will see a box labeled “Additional information.”  In that field, you are required to supply us with the following information:

  • Title of class
  • Date and Time of Class
  • Name of Purchaser

If you do not have that information, we cannot process your application.

This application is for a single ticket. If you have multiple tickets, you will need to submit additional applications.

This service is for a single two-hour class. If you are registered for a multi-day course, you do not qualify for ticket insurance.

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Ticket Insurance Upgrade Application