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If you need help or have a question, you can send us a question right away.  Your question, and our answer will be posted on our Student Support Forum.

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We do not offer phone support. For details, please read this post: Talking with Keith.

My Wine Courses

If you are enrolled in a wine course with National Certification, it will be listed here. If you are interested in our award-winning programs  we offer with the National Wine School (NWS), you can read about them here: Sommelier Certification & Wine Courses.  If you are having trouble accessing your NWS material, please read this FAQ.


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Sommelier Certifications

Los Angeles, California

If you have earned a wine certification through a nationally accredited school, it will be displayed here.  For more information, please refer to the National Wine School page.

Editor’s Note: We are currently implementing this feature. Certifications will be uploaded in stages over the next three months. 

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