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The PLCB Wine Story

Looking for a small independent wine shop in Philadelphia? You’ll have to drive all the way to New Jersey to find one. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) controls all wine sales throughout the state. Founded in 1934 with the repeal of Prohibition, the PLCB is the sole retailer of wine and spirits in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Beer is not apart of the legislation, and can be purchased in privately run “beer distribution” outlets and select restaurants.

Many wine enthusiasts point to the high cost of wine and lack of knowledgeable customer service in PLCB stores. Several movements to allow competition in wine sales have floundered in recent years. Academics and critics have pointed out that the state legislature is unlikely to pass laws allow for free trade, since the PLCB funnels millions upon millions of dollars into state, county, and city coffers.

The advent of “Chairman Selections” “Sommelier Selections” and “Premium Value” sales have offset many of the complaints regarding wine pricing in the Wine & Spirits Shoppes. With pricing that is often well below retail, and sometimes actually lower than wholesale prices, the programs have been a resounding success.