Sommelier Tom Sobieski Interview on Beats and Eats

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Wine School Diploma Candidate and Sommelier  Tom Sobieski was on a recent Beats and Eats podcast (is that still the right phrase, it’s so 2006) which you can check out in all it’s glory right here.  Tom is known to his drinking buddies (the author included) as the Wine Buddhist.  And it’s not  just because he likes his belly rubbed, either. Check out the audio for the details.

Tom writes about the interview, as well:

Each time I open a bottle, I am on a journey. I am on a path that allows me to visit a different country without stepping out of my house. I am experiencing a culture that is thousands of miles away. I become aware of what is in the bottle by experiencing the wine through my senses, and I become mindful of what has gone into creating this work of art which stimulates my taste buds and soothes my mind. After a good glass (ok… bottle) of wine, I am enlightened; I am awakened. 

Tom is currently the Sommelier at The Beaumont Inn in Dallas, PA. Well worth a trip to check out his awesome wine list and occasional wine pairing dinner.





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  1. We at the Beats and Eats Podcast Network, cannot thank you enough for posting our interview w Thomas. He was spectacular in the interview and his “blog post” that he followed the interview with was fascinating and got a TON of attention on social media. Tom is a wealth of knowledge and a gem in the Wine industry. Cheers! 🙂

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