The Sommelier Smackdown



“Move over, Iron Chef. The latest hot culinary competition is the popular “Sommelier Smackdown,” which pits two wine experts in a palate-to-palate showdown at the Wine School of Philadelphia. Armed with the same menu, the two contestants – an instructor and a sommelier from a local restaurant – purchase wines from local retailers to complement each dish. Attendees then decide the winner after tasting the food-wine pairings.” from the October 25th edition of Zagat’s Buzz Newsletter

Welcome to Philly’s food & wine tasting extravaganza!

The Food & Wine Competition

Take the best sommeliers in the Delaware Valley, the region’s only independent wine school, a four-snack menu, and a challenge too tempting to refuse. What do you get? The Sommelier Smackdown!

In each episode of the Smackdown, the contestestants are given the evenings menu and a small stack of cash. There job is simple: create the best food & wine experience in less than an hour.

You are the Wine & Food Critic

At the smackdown, you get to turn the tables on the food & wine professionals. You get to choose the winner. Sure, they have years of experience, but its only your opinon that counts this time. Have fun and vote your palate.

Learn the Sommelier Secrets

The Sommelier Smackdown is a master class in food & wine pairing, with two teachers. During the class, the sommeliers will talk to you about why & how they created each food and wine pairing, and you will taste the results. Could it get any better than this?

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Are you a sommelier, published author, or a chef? You can compete in the Sommelier Smackdown! Click here for details.

The Sommeliers of the Smackdown!

The best & brighest wine personalities in Philadelphia have competed. Here are a few of them.

Anthony Masapollo of Le Castagne

Cyril Addison of 707 Restaurant & Bar

Eric Arnold, author of “First Big Crush”

Christophe Tassan of Le Bec-Fin

Ryan Davis of Rae

Mark Hoyt of Patou

Christophe Guillot of Brasserie Perrier.

Jason Whiteside of Cosimo’s

Eric Miller of Chaddsford Winery

Ryan Margolis of 707 Restaurant

Benny Robling of Davio’s

Jeff Bloom of Oceanaire