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The Wine School and the Philly Beer School have been praised by hundreds of people and institutions. That shouldn’t be surprising. After all, what’s not to love about a school for savvy wine and beer lovers? The following is a selection of comments and quotes from a wide array of people and publications. The following are a relevant selection of Wine School of Philadelphia reviews. Please add your own!

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by P. L. Black on Wine School of Philadelphia
Lux Cab: The Best of Cabernet Sauvignon

I am not a newbie to the wine school but my three guests were. It was a delightful and informative class. All of us left with a little more ... View Full Review

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Wine School of Philadelphia Reviews

In The Media


 The Wall Street Journal

Makes each bottle of wine more than the liquid inside  


BusinessWeek Magazine

A corking good time.


Move over, Iron Chef. The latest hot culinary competition is the popular Sommelier Smackdown


City Paper

 Students walk away from the Foundation Program with skills that even some highly paid sommeliers don’t have.


The Spirit Newspaper

They love wine, know an incredible amount about it, and seem utterly delighted to convey this.


Yahoo News

The Wine School is now the top wine education firm in America.


The Weekly Press

Attending a wine class at the school is a great pleasure.


Philadelphia Weekly

The Wine School of Philadelphia is bringing the beverage of kings back to the masses.


Dining Out Magazine

The top wine education school in America.

The City Paper

Keith Wallace has made it his mission to demystify wine and make it more accessible to the masses.

The top wine school in Philadelphia


Philadelphia Magazine

Best of Philly


Celebrities & Authors


Andrea Immer, Master Sommelier & Author

We are lucky to have the Wine School of Philadelphia


Eric Arnold, Author of First Big Crush

The school is down to earth, real and fun, the way wine should be


Gary Vaynerchuk

I love this place!


In the Wine Trade


Jonathan Newman, Former Chairman of the PLCB

The Wine School is a great place to build knowledge and pursue your passion.


Ed DeWitt, Winemaker at Churchill Vineyards

Highly Recommended


Jenny Shultz, Enologist in Napa Valley

The Wine School is the reason that wine became a career goal for me


Ben Franco, Owner of Winedown Cafe

The wine school is great for learning


Eric Miller, Winemaker at Chaddsford Winery (retired)

Fun, energetic and entertaining, but it also provides barrels of useful information


Dan Brennan, Winemaker at Decibel Winery

I got my start at the Wine School




Thomas Jefferson University

Our students and employees love the classes and instructors.


The Wharton School

The Wine School was an excellent partner in our winery project


Wine Festival Organizers


The Food Network “The Great Big Food Show”

We couldn’t have done it without the Wine School.


Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival

Partnering with the Wine School is one of the best decisions we have made



(this is probably our favorite review of all time)

Brian M. (Five Stars)

Surprised I hadn’t reviewed this yet, since I’ve been to I think 4 classes int he past year or so and plan on attending more in the future.

I love this place because it truly is approachable. I admittedly knew very little about wine, beer and cocktails, but I’m trying to at least be informed. These guys make you feel like that’s OK and have done so in each class I’ve attended. I’ve done their Speakeasy class, Wine 101, Wine & Cheese Pairing, and recently the Around the World in 8 Glasses class which I found particularly interesting. Did you know booze built the pyramids, fueled the Industrial Revolution, started the American Revolution, amongst other things? Bet not.

I’ve had I think his name is Zach a couple times, and Keith a couple times. Zach is calm, opinionated, clear and concise. Keith obviously knows his stuff (being the founder and all) but each class has started off with an excuse relating to “I was up all night, travelling/with my dogs in the ER/wandering, etc…” and him pounding coffee. He can be hard to follow with his run-on sentences, free flowing thought but remember, he really knows his stuff. Take advantage of that. He’s like a human Ulysses. The James Joyce book, not the President. Mr. Grant actually WAS a human, obviously.

Just go give a class a try. You’re guaranteed to do two things; drink and learn something. Where can you go wrong?




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