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I was signed up for the Fall Brewing Program that unfortunately had to be cancelled. However, I was not refunded the full amount for the course. Instead I was actually refunded for your Belgian Beer tasting course which I had attended in July. I was not able to find a good email address for customer support for this issue. Who can I get in touch with to get this problem fixed? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • brianrtash asked 15 hours ago
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Hello -- Can you please tell me if you have 2-4 seats open up for the Cooks & Corks event on 11/14? Would love for friends to join us as we're celebrating a birthday. Many thanks for letting me know if any additional folks would be possible.

  • Amy asked 2 days ago
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I think I scheduled a class for tomorrow but I need to double check because I cannot find the confirmation email. Can you check a reservation for two under Kendall and Matt.

  • Kendall asked 3 days ago
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Hi Keith,

Could you please migrate my Foundation and Intermediate programs over to the new website? They're not listed under my Completed Courses.



  • Emilie asked 1 week ago
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No question, but wanted to say thanks to Alana for expertly and enthusiastically conducting the fine Wine Trials class on 10/2 and to Alana and Keith for the very pleasant conversation afterward.

Continued best of luck in your noble endeavor with hopes we meet again!

Rod Miller

  • Rod Miller asked 2 weeks ago
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Keith et al,

Hello I have upgraded last week from Core to Academic Core. I would like to access the reading material online and my account is not working. The upgrade was bought via Amazon, please advise.

Username: carlos.davila

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I purchased a gift certificate for my mom last night and had it emailed to her but she never received it *********** I purchased it under my name Alison Vachris. Can the gift certificate be resent to me? my email is **********. Please let me know ASAP. And if there is a phone number i can call to speak to a live person that would be great. Thank you Alison

  • Alison asked 3 weeks ago
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I am in the Core Program but do not have Active Courses in my account. Is this because I am not signed up for the Professional certification? Thank you.

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I have a gift card butI am not sure if we used thisone yet. We had a few gift cards so I'm not sure of the status of this one. How can I tell if it was used? Thank you!

  • Mary Beth Smith asked 3 weeks ago
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I was hoping to sign up for your Old World Course (but would have to miss this week's class), but I see it's sold out. How often do you offer this course? I took the core courses and was hoping to continue my education on Old World wines (which I discovered a love for when taking your courses!). Do you know when it will be offered again?

Thanks! Nicole

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Hello, I noticed your beer/cheese tasting on 10/10 is sold out. By any chance do you have a wait list for this event? Or, will you offer this class on any future dates? We would love to take this class, we did the intro wine class and absolutely loved it.

Thanks in advance, Kate

  • Kate Ritinski asked 3 weeks ago
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How often is the Intermediate Global Wine Course offered? If it won't be offered again soon, is it too late to sign up to take it with the Foundation course that starts on Sunday?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention answering my questions.

  • Angela asked 3 weeks ago
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Am I supposed to have the whole online program completed before my first class on Sunday? I assumed it was to be completed lesson by lesson as homework along with each class. If so, I will get started right away so I can be prepared. Should I complete one per week before class, or all at once before I start?

Thanks for your help!

  • Angela asked 4 weeks ago
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Checking on what your email meant about completing the course. I received an email awhile ago that I passed both courses .thanks Louise

  • Louise asked 4 weeks ago
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I was wanting to take some classes on-line in wine making and vinyard design. They must be accredited so I can use my GI bill. Can you offer any suggestions...Thank You

Billy Ray

  • billy king asked 4 weeks ago
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I was not able to speak to a LIVE PERSON, so I did what I thought was correct in rescheduling my class!!!

Last December, I purchased two PREMIUM TICKETS to the Feb. 17th Barolo class, which was cancelled BY THE SCHOOl because of bad weather ($153.94 cost of tickets). I was told that I could reschedule at any time.

I recently rescheduled for the Nov. 20th Barolo class, but I did not put in for the PREMIUM TICKET cost because it was more than my current credit. HOWEVER, I am assuming that my new tickets will be PREMIUM TICKETS because that is what I paid for last year. THE SCHOOL CANCELLED THE CLASS and I should not have to pay an addition fee for tickets that were already purchased. PLEAE ADIVSE.

  • Michele asked 4 weeks ago
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What is the cost per class?

  • melissa asked 4 weeks ago
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I need the names of a couple nearby hotels so I can take a couple October Classes.

  • Kathy Prosser asked 1 month ago
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I notice "points" ratings assigned to each wine reviewed in the Newsletter, yet no credit is designated to the source. IF it is a known publication, why not denote the common WA/WS/WE/DE/IWC? If it is one of the editor's ratings, use their name.

Just a suggestion.

  • SZ asked 1 month ago
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My husband and I are attending the whiskey class on Friday. Is there any way we can get two more tickets?


  • Priya Dhanaraj asked 1 month ago
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