La Follette 2009 Chardonnay Manchester Ridge Vineyard, Mendocino Ridge (California)

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On 8th April 2014
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A chardonnay that exhibits beautiful texture and subtle notes. This isn't your father's Chardonnay.

Greg La Follette is not someone who would name a winery after himself. The winery was named Tandem until he sold to Quivira Winery. The purchase agreement allowed him to keep running the winery with one small change: he had to put his name on the label.

Greg isn’t a well-known winemaker outside of the tight-nit community of Cali winemakers. He never was a superstar at a boutique winery. He is a quiet man who opted for positions outside the lime light. He was a researcher in U.C. Davis’ oenology department. He worked with André Tchelistcheff at Beaulieu Vineyards. He ran Chardonnay production for Yarra Ridge in Victoria, Australia. He consulted for Jarvis and Kendall-Jackson back in Cali. He designed the winery and winemaking program at Flowers.

In winemaking circles, he is known for his focus on mouth feel. His wines, especially his Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, are remarkable for their complex and delineated textural components. His wines are often lack the rich weight and powerhouse flavors of Cali’s luxpop bottlings. His wines offer up something closer to Burgundy.

This bottle is no exception. Aromas of ocean air and violets are underpinned with fresh pear. Medium bodied with a wave of juicy blood orange flavors that merge into toasted clove and peach pit. The texture remains silky despite the bright freshness and curls like cream into a wildflower-accented finish. Beautiful. 91+

A chardonnay that exhibits beautiful texture and subtle notes. This isn't your father's Chardonnay.

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