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Hello, My husband and I are on the roster for Sommelier Smackdown tonight 11/25/2015. My husband is suffering with a severe neck problem tonight and we will not be attending. We do not have insurance. Your website makes it clear that we are out of luck with regards to a re-schedule. I just wanted to let you know not to expect us. Ticket # 113236 & 113237. So disappointing.

  • Maureen asked 22 hours ago
  • last active 22 hours ago
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Hi, my name is Tracey Hagan. My friend Dana Srodes bought my husband and i tickets to the Sommelier Smackdown for Christmas last year, but we were unable to make the date she selected on March 25, 2015. I canceled but have never rescheduled. I am sure that you sent me an email but I can’t find it. Is it too late to sign up again? Or have our ticket expired? My phone number is 215-901-**** if it’s easier to discuss on the phone rather than email.

The ticket# noted is 94028, and the Security Code is 6ca6a23dce. The second ticket # was 94029, and the code is e5915110b5.

Thank you. Tracey Hagan

  • Tracey Hagan asked 2 days ago
  • last active 2 days ago
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When is the next time Wine 201 will be offered? I see that the December class is sold out.

Thank you, Meghan

  • Meghan Blickman asked 2 days ago
  • last active 2 days ago
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0 answers


You mentioned in class that NYC might be a good place to find Burgundies. Do you have any specific recommendations of wine stores?



0 votes

Can we bring our own snack to wine101?

  • Swati asked 3 days ago
  • last active 3 days ago
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Hi, I just asked a question but I wanted to clarify.. I wanted to buy not longer span class but one of those one night classes and there wasn’t a premium option that I saw. It is possible to reschedule those without the premium option or selling them? Thank you!

  • Jillian asked 5 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
0 votes

Hello, I was wondering if once I bought a class if I could transfer it to another if the date no longer works?

Thank you!


  • Jillian Bonafede asked 7 days ago
  • last active 6 days ago
0 votes

Do you hold on line classes or are all on site in Phili?

  • Sharon Huttemann asked 1 week ago
  • last active 1 week ago
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Keith / Alaina

For my final project I had asked about doing a paper about wine critics in burgandy as compared to the rest of the wine world but we decided it was too broad. So I wanted to ask would a better more suitable topic be the use of negotiants in burgandy and their roles in the different appellations or is that still too broad? Another idea I had was to possibly single out two vintages- one great year versus one terrible year for burgandy or even what was a good year in some part of burgandy and what was bad that same year in a different part of burgandy. What works best for this paper? Let me know! Thank you!!! Hope all is well and happy turkey day!


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