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I bought a gift certificate for my dad for tonight’s wine tasting. We got our wires crossed because I thought he bought tickets for both of us but he only bought one. Is there any chance we can buy another ticket for tonight?Fingers crossed! He came into town for this.

  • Clementine Gilbert asked 37 mins ago
  • last active 3 mins ago
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this is a question I have in my culinary arts class
what are the three parts to the master sommelier test?


  • gary martin asked 1 hour ago
  • last active 25 mins ago
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Hi Guys, for some reason today I cannot access my online foundation study guides and tests. It says I have completed 67% and that is all. Is there a problem with the website? Thanks Marilyn Bobby

  • Marilyn asked 3 days ago
  • last active 3 days ago
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Keith, when going to my account I can view by percentage completed on the advanced courses, however, when I click on the course it gives me a message not found instead of the syllabus which I had accessed earlier in the week. Many thanks, Rick

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I am looking to make a career change I may have an opportunity to get in to a store as inside wine salesman. Do you have a course that you would recommend?.

  • Ron asked 3 days ago
  • last active 3 days ago
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We’re taking a” Learn About Wine” course this Friday. We notice that you have two upcoming courses that are of interest to us, namely, “Italian Wine Class” on May 29 and “Great Wines Made Simple” on June 15. Would either upcoming course be appropriate for beginners like us, or would you recommend taking the “Great Wines” course first? Thanks.

  • mario asked 4 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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Hi Keith,

I am free this week (except tonight and anytime Thursday) since I am off of work. So I’m free in the day. I wanted to pick up my certificate from the intermediate class if that’s possible and I hope to have a meeting with you before I move to Australia (!) a week from today. Thanks!

  • Rachel asked 4 days ago
  • last active 2 days ago
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Hi Philip. I never arranged to pick up my certificates from the Foundation and Intermediate courses I completed last fall. Would I be able to pick them up at the Thursday night Advanced course? Thanks very much for your help!

  • Elisabeth asked 5 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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I wanted to request a meeting to see what kinds of things in the wine world I might be well suited for. I don’t know who the ideal conversation partner would be, but would appreciate the opportunity to talk.

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