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I have a gift certificate code for $100 that I believe I used $80 for a prior class. I tried to sign up for another class and use the remaining $20 but was unable to. How can I access the remaining balance?

Thank you

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I am doing the Core Wine Course but I can’t find the material and documents of the classes.

Thank you!

  • Carolina asked 9 hours ago
  • last active 9 hours ago
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To which trade journals should future wine professionals subscribe?

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I completed my Foundations, Intermediate and Blind Tasting exams on Sunday, March 13, more than seven weeks ago. Since then I have not received any communication from you regarding results or my certification. I posted a message previously, and the answer was along the lines of “we’ll get back to you; it takes time.” My account previously indicated that I had completed the courses and passed the exams, but now there is nothing showing at all in my account.

My employer is eager to announce my certification and it is something that will help me professionally. However, we are very credentials sensitive and I don’t even know exactly what the certification I receive is officially called, nor do I have “proof” of certification.

Any guidance you can offer would certainly be appreciated. Happy to discuss with you on the phone or in a private email string if you prefer. Thank you.

  • Wayne asked 13 hours ago
  • last active 11 hours ago
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I have food allergies (nuts and shellfish) and was wondering if this would be a problem if I bought tickets for the cooking class on June 23rd?

Thank you!

  • Paige asked 15 hours ago
  • last active 11 hours ago
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I was wondering if I could come in early on Sunday, May 15th to discuss what I missed in the Foundations Class on April 24th?

T. Houck

  • Tracy asked 2 days ago
  • last active 11 hours ago
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I was interested in purchasing two tickets to the wine class on may 28th (great wines made simple) but it seems like there is only one spot left. Is there a wait list?

Thank you,

  • Michael H. asked 2 days ago
  • last active 11 hours ago
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I recently purchased the signed book Corked and Forked. Can I pick this book up or will it be delivered?


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I have a group of 10-12 people that are looking to do a private tasting in Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 10 — Do you have any availability or are you able to do private events such as that? Thanks.


  • Emeel Salem asked 6 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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