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When will more cooking classes become available? I am trying to sign up for one, but they are all sold out. Is it possible to get on an email list to find out when more open? Thanks!

  • amy schafer asked 4 mins ago
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I want to pay for part of two tickets to the Cab class on April 7, but when I try to enter the gift code in the coupon section, it says it doesn’t exist….I also can’t find a place for a gift code

  • Cindy Ruenes asked 2 hours ago
  • last active 2 hours ago
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My friend and I have been looking for a few weeks for a class we can take for an evening. But so many of the classes are full every time we look. We are not in a position to sign up for a class two months down the road. Are you considering offering more ‘one-time’ classes?
Thanks. Laura

  • Laura asked 8 hours ago
  • last active 4 hours ago
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I am having trouble seeing the lessons for the intermediate certificate program online. When I click on a lesson (am logged in), I can only see the first line of the lesson, and get an error message that I need to purchase the course before progressing. Is something going on with the student site?

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I took the Intermediate Wine Program in the fall and I’m behind in taking the exam. I’m trying to go back into the Course on my account page. I see the Intermediate Wine Course as an active course, but when I go into each Lesson, I get the following message “Please purchase the course before starting the lesson.”. Can you please check my account so that I can study the material, take the Lesson quizzes and the final exam?
Thank you,

  • Jason asked 1 day ago
  • last active 4 hours ago
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Hi Keith. Planning a last minute trip to CA wine country. Any must-visit wineries/vineyards you recommend? Mostly staying in northern areas of Sonoma and Napa. Thanks very much!


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From Week 1, I have still have this prompting up (“Please purchase the course before starting the lesson”) when I try to access the readings/lessons from Level 1 and 2. This is also the same with my wife’s account. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Michael asked 2 days ago
  • last active 21 hours ago
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My husband and I are attending the March 11, 8 Wines to try Before You Die. We just found out family from out of the country are coming to visit that weekend. We would love to surprise them and bring them with us. Is it possible to get two more tickets.
Maria Hall

  • Maria Hall asked 3 days ago
  • last active 2 days ago
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