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Can you help me access my account? I've misplaced the password and I'm not even sure that this is the correct e-mail address. You can reply here or call me. Thank you!

Mike Trobich

  • Michael Trobich asked 2 days ago
  • last active 49 mins ago
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Can you call me regarding rescheduling a class on Mar 19 that was given to me as a gift. I will be out of town and would like to attend the same class when it is offered again if possible. I do not know if a premium ticket or not.
Andy Vecchione
610 517 3524

  • Andy Vecchione asked 2 days ago
  • last active 2 days ago
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I just came across this site and I'm very interested in signing up for one of the Saturday night Wine Testing courses. I see that the ones that I'm interested in are all booked through April.

When do you add new courses and how do I make sure I enroll in time, before they're sold out? Do you send advance notice to registered users? Should I create a user name?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Alice asked 3 days ago
  • last active 2 days ago
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A friend purchased a gift certificate for me on 3/8/2013, order ID number is 19545. I cannot find the gift certificate number. Can I still use this to book a class? The value is $100.00.

  • Lauren Daniels asked 3 days ago
  • last active 2 days ago
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I have been unable to upload the final project for Old World and the group project for southern Rhone, I've attached both and sent under separate cover, thanks.

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Hi - I can't access the upgrade to repay for Pro Certification for Southern France... so I can't access any materials or see what the assignments are and final assignment will be. Help!

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I'm considering the upgrade. I was wondering how much work is involved with these courses. Is there homework, quizzes etc.? Two tests at the end?
That was my hesitation for taking both at once.

  • aillinn asked 4 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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My wife and I have attended many of your wine classes over the years and are very fond of your school (reservations are usually in my wife's account -

I would like to attend the beer class on March 13th but see that it is listed as sold out. It is a rather special occasion as we are celebrating my best friend's retirement and his brother is coming in from out of town.

I would greatly appreciate if you could consider adding 3 seats to that session. Please let me know if that is possible.

Thank you,
Ken Young

  • kenneth young asked 6 days ago
  • last active 5 days ago
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Hi - I signed up this morning for an event and the email that came said I would receive a separate email for confirmation. I checked all of my accounts, including spam, and there is nothing there. What is the turn around time to receive the confirmation?



  • Alexis asked 1 week ago
  • last active 5 days ago
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