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Does (or could) the class be considered the New World Course that is a requirement for the Sommelier certificate?

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Hello, it appears that your fall wine courses are only on Sundays. I will be away at least one Sunday a month, so I was wondering if you have any foundation classes during the week in the works. Please let me know!

  • Courtney asked 4 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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We received a store credit as a gift for Christmas 2014. Is there an expiration date? Can this be used for any scheduled event?

  • Diana asked 4 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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Hi Keith,

I don’t want to be a nag, but my Profile on New World still shows 90% complete. When will you grade my final project? I am anxious to know how you think I did. :-)



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Hi Keith–

Got your e-mail about my notebook. Thanks for looking.

In the follow-up chat after that recent Italian wine course, you suggested I drop you a note about a question we have about our upcoming trip to Sicily in September. We’d like to sample Sicilian wines, especially since we should have a fair amount of on-your-own-tim. Are there particular Sicilian wines we should make sure that we sample while we’re there?

Also, forgot to ask at the course, in the case of red wine, is there a recommended way to maintain an opened bottle for a couple of days without it spoiling?

Again, thank your your help.

  • mario milletti asked 6 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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I have a group interested in attending an already scheduled class, e.g., Sept 24th, Beyond the Basics. Is it possible to have a block of tickets reserved, yet pay individually?
Thank you.
Cate Silver

  • Cate Silver asked 7 days ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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Just wanted to follow-up with you. I was having difficulty getting through to you by e-mail–got two odd error messages–after your recent neat Italian wine course. Because I couldn’t get thru by e-mail (or phone to discuss, I dropped off in your mail slot a note and pre-paid envelope. I was hoping thru the prepaid envelope to retrieve a notebook that I believe I left behind as we were chatting after the course. I haven’t yet received the notebook, so I thought I’d check in and also see if I could successfully send an e-mail this time.

If you’d like, I can re-send to you a copy of the original e-mail, which in addition to asking about the notebook included two follow-up questions for you.

Hope this e-mail goes thru. Here goes…

  • mario milletti asked 1 week ago
  • last active 7 days ago
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Dear Keith,
I am a former student and I have taking the core classes a few years ago. When I was done the class school offered a trip to Europe unfortunately my circumstances do not permit me to go. I understand this year the school is going to Tuscany. My circumstances have changed and if it’s at all possible I would like to go very much. If you could please email me back to let me know if this is possible along with any information I might need for the trip.
Thank you very much for your time it is greatly appreciated look forward to hearing from you. Jay Vassalo

  • james jay vassalo asked 1 week ago
  • last active 4 days ago
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Hi Keith,

I’m about to enroll in the Monday Northern France class for the fall semester, and was wondering: if I need to miss one of the Monday classes, am I allowed to attend the Wednesday class of the same week instead?



  • Emilie asked 2 weeks ago
  • last active 2 weeks ago
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