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Hi Keith,

You met Harvey Hurd and Fran Martini, who attended your class on Argentinean wines with us. They mentioned that we were all visiting Costa Rica. You offered to introduce us to the vintner who is leading this area with good wines. Fran was unable to contact you before we left. We are now in Costa Rica, until we leave on the 10th. Is it possible to set something up during this time? We would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Desi Collins asked 4 days ago
  • last active 20 hours ago
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I completed the wine class last year. I have never received a certificate for the completion of the foundations class. Can someone please contact me?
All the best!

  • Vicki Hicks asked 5 days ago
  • last active 5 days ago
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Hi Keith. Thanks again for a great class. I am interested in Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada for my final project. I’ve been there a couple of times and think it meets your criteria – it is certainly still developing as a wine region – but I was not sure if it is large enough (larger than Alabama measured in which way?). Would this be an acceptable area for the project? Or if too small perhaps including other areas of Ontario?


  • Elisabeth asked 7 days ago
  • last active 5 days ago
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I recently completed the Wine Foundations course and passed the final exam. How can I arrange to pick up my certificate?
Thank you,

  • Jason asked 7 days ago
  • last active 5 days ago
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I received the email that I can choose to pick up my certificate for completing the wine foundation course. The link in the email to schedule a pick up does not work. It doesn’t open when I click and if I right click and select “copy link” to paste in my browser, an error message pops up. Can it be resent to me? I replied to the email after I initially received it but never heard back so thought I would try asking here. My fiancé is having the same problem. Let me know what we can do..we would like our certificates!


  • Jennifer asked 2 weeks ago
  • last active 5 days ago
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Hi Philip,

I ordered 2 tickets yesterday for the Summer Cocktails Class on Aug 7th but never received the email with my tickets. Can you check to make sure my order when through in your system (I see the charge went through on my bank account).



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I had a question or two on the new regions in the Rhone AOC(similar to Rick’s) and the suitability of the wines that I might use to complete the project.Is this the best place to raise more specific questions of that sort?

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Good afternoon Keith, I wanted to follow up on my first question this morning regarding the regions that were formerly Languedoc now Rhone. I noted that Cositeires de Nimes is now part of the Rhone, and I wanted to add a few regions that “I think” were formerly Languedoc and are now Rhone; Tricistan, Cote du Luberon, Cote de Ventoux, and Cote de Vivarais, I just want to double check that I’m on track for the essay for Advanced France (South). Question #2 was around the New World Sommelier project and I noted that two of the areas I’m considering are Long Island and The Finger Lakes Region, I also wanted to check on the Texas area as a possibiltiy. As always, thanks in advance for your counsel. Take care. Rick Hooper

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Good Morning Keith, I have been struggling a bit in trying to complete the final projects for Advance France South and have a question on The New World Sommelier Final Projcct. I have identified the Cositieres de Nimes AOC as one of the wine regions that used to be part of the Languedoc but are now part of the Rhone. I am struggling to identify a second and wanted to know if you could offer some assistance or counsel on that subject. I have identified two regions for the New World Sommelier final projcet, the Finger Lakes Wine Region and the Long Island Wine Region. I wanted to make sure that either of them qualified for the project. Thank you in advance for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Rick

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